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Yolopia is a VR workout game which combines automatic beat detection with an editor for setting keyframes along a track to control the beat map generation, tweak the visuals, adjust the physicality level and even seamlessly transition between excercises.

Audio files and their keyframes are stored locally inside the browser which means that you'll have different song lists per device. You can use the export/import functionality to tranfer tracks along with their keyframes as .json files. Please only use music you legitimately own.

The game runs on WebXR so you can play directly from this webpage. It also contains animal models derived from the classic web artworks Rome “Three Dreams of Black” and Livyatanim Myth

Inspiration was drawn from an old slavic story I made up on my own.

  Για τη Μαρίνα, τον Χρήστο, τον Τίτο, την Κάλι, τον Kωστάκη και την Κατερίνα που φύγανε νωρίς, τον Σπύρο, τη Λευτερίτσα κ τη Μαργαρώ. Σας ευχαριστώ για την αγάπη και τα μαθήματα που μου δώσατε, ξέρατε καλά πως να δίνετε χαρά, μου λείπετε